There is no excuse for abuse . . .

bldgfrontEl Refugio (ERI) operates the Casa Carmel Shelter for battered women/men and their children, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Temporary shelter is provided for up to 90 days with 30 day reviews. Safety and security are provided along with case management services and educational programs.
Our guidelines and rules set a safety structure for single women/men and their children. Those entering the shelter must be self-sufficient and in immediate danger. El Refugio's mission and goal is to provide the doorway that is essential to a new life without violence and a path to taking control and restoring self-respect through our [Services & Programs].
home_sundaymealsEl Refugio's Casa Carmel Shelter, a doorway to a new life without violence, a doorway to reclaiming control and restoring self-respect. We provide classes that deal with dynamics of domestic violence and ways to break the cycle. We are able to do this work because of the dedication and continuous support of [Volunteers] from the community.

El Refugio
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PNM Resources Foundation Grants Awarded

Thank you to the PNM Resources Foundation for awarding El Refugio, Inc. the following grants for fiscal year 2021-2022. 

Reducing Homelessness Grant in the total of: $10,000. 

This grant will be used to assist victims of domestic violence (who find themselves homeless due to the violence in their own home) the opportunity to transition into a safe home without the violence. The stats on becoming more productive increase because they will have the means to pursue employment, pursue education, parent in a healthy environment and contribute to the community while not being kept hostage to a violent environment where they're well being depends on their abuser.

Community Safety Grant in the total of: $10,000.

This grant will help ERI to continue providing a safe and trusting environment to children of domestic violence, as we promote a healthy mental state for children that in turn increases the safety of our community. Children are our future and El Refugio, Inc is committed to creating the safest community possible. Working with the children that are victims of domestic violence has the potential to break the generational cycle by providing the things that parents can not afford by purchasing and providing items that decrease the mental health state of children and creates a safer community; and decreases the usage of mental health medications that are prescribed to children who lack social and coping skills.