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  • Individual Counseling allows each woman/man to review their life circumstances and make the necessary changes in a relationship of trust with their therapist. It allows them to heal from the wounds that were caused by domestic violence or sexual violence. Individual counseling is arranged by appointment only.
  • Group Counseling is facilitated by a therapist trained in psychotherapy and psycho-education. Participants in group counseling learn about the intellectual and emotional dynamics of domestic violence. In the safe and confidential context of the group, participants uncover deep wounds and develop resiliency as they are guided in the group process and sharing their stories. Resiliency grows as clients develop awareness they are not alone in their individual experiences of the trauma and devastation intimate partner violence leaves in its wake.
  • Child and Adolescent Counseling because Domestic Violence affects childrenserviceschildren's health whether they are victims of abuse themselves or witnesses of the abuse. Children's Services provides skill building activities individually or in group settings. Children activities are provided to meet the emotional and developmental needs of each child residing in shelter. Families are linked to community resources to help meet their needs.

Parenting Classes

A weekly parenting class is available to shelter residents to help them understand the effects of domestic violence on their children. Understanding more about their children's feelings and experiences helps parents to understand their children's emotional and developmental needs after they have witnessed domestic violence. Activities with parents teach them important parenting skills such as how to help their children to be safe, how to strengthen their support systems and how to communicate with their children.

Domestic Violence Education & Community Outreach

El Refugio provides community outreach and education prevention on domestic violence in community-wide settings to learn more our programs and services, presentations on the Dynamics of Domestic Violence; community resources for victims of domestic violence and strategies for breaking the cycle of violence in our community. Groups or organizations interested may call El Refugio for presentations or information on our services.

Domestic Violence Offenders Treatment & Intervention (DVOTI)

The DVOTI is a 52 week program for men and women offenders referred through the courts. This program utilizes education curriculum, cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as skills and knowledge training to help participants be able to identify how they have harmed others, begin to accept responsibility for ending abusive behaviors in any form and become more respectful and non-violent. Program offenders are required to follow rules for attendance, tardiness, program fee, active participation and being part of an alcohol and drug-free environment as expectations for compliance. DVOTI is facilitated by trained Batterer's Intervention Program Facilitators. While a high percentage of the offender population has problems with addiction, they are taught that "anger doesn't come in a bottle." In other words, they are referred to an appropriate resource for treatment, if necessary. Additionally, clients come to the group with other issues, while not directly related to Domestic Violence, certainly contribute to it (i.e., primary mental health issues, homelessness, unemployment, lack of transportation). In those cases, as with addiction, offenders are referred to community resources able to assist them in these matters. Attendance and completion of the DVOTI Program are monitored and reported monthly to the courts by El Refugio. This program's role is part of a coordinated community response to Domestic Violence, with victim safety and offender accountability as the primary goals.

Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy Services are critical for anyone in a crisis or dealing with a domestic violence situation. Victim Advocates will provide support and empathy, evaluate specific risk factors for lethal violence to victims or their children and family, identify concerns and goals and safety planning to minimize danger, take precautions and gain some control over the situation. Specific services include victim rights education, awareness of victim compensation, safety planning, crisis intervention, assistance in filing Domestic Violence Orders of Protection, preparing for court hearings, accompaniment at court hearings; immigration advocacy for battered immigrant women and referrals for legal counsel and case management as needed.

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