Board of Directors

Maria Dominguez, President

I have thoroughly relished my relationship with Western New Mexico University nearly three decades. In addition, I had the great honor of working with our elderly as Director of the Senior Citizen Programs of Grant County for approximately seven years. It has been an honor to serve as a member of El Refugio Inc. - Board of Director’s for the past 12 years. Domestic Violence affects a lot people (children, teens, adults and the elderly). I want to make a difference.

Mary Ann Sedillo, Vice President

I am a retired County Government Employee who had the honor of serving the citizens of Grant County, Silver City, New Mexico for 32 plus years. I was the first woman ever elected to the position of County Commissioner in Grant County. I have been married to Alfred Sedillo for nineteen years, I have three sons, Mack, Leo and James and I am a Grandmother to six beautiful Grandchildren. I serve on the Board of Directors for El Refugio, Inc. because domestic violence is a very serious issue nationwide and we must get involved passionately in order to help victims of domestic violence. The most important reason of all is the fact that I lost my only Sister to domestic violence; therefore, this issue is close to my heart and my family.The mission of El Refugio, Inc. is extremely important to me because everyone is negatively touched by domestic violence and I believe our organization is working together with it's staff, Board and community to address this horrible issue and attempting to positively making a difference.

Armando Y. Amador, Secretary

Born and raised in Grant County, I have served our communities in many positions. For the past 21 years I served as president for the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 358, served as President for Chino Federal Credit Union, served as Board of Director/coach for Copper Little League and also serve in 8 committees as member of Local 890 USWA. My involvement has always given me a chance to serve the less fortunate and given me a better view of the needs in our communities. Because of who I am and who I represent, I pass this on to my wife and children, give from the heart and share the wisdom you have gathered through the years of your life. As Board Member of El Refugio, I can see that Domestic Violence needs to end, and this is where we must share our thoughts and our hearts to the victims that suffer daily.

Kay Stone, Treasurer

I am a certified public accountant for the past thirty two (32) years and a resident of Silver City for the past forty (40) years. I have served on the Peer Review Committee of the New Mexico Society of CPAs as well as a board member of various organizations in our community. I am very proud to say that I have served on the board of directors of ERI for over six years. I serve on the board of directors because I feel that the mission to stop domestic violence and provide aid to those affected by DV is and should be a top priority to all.

Darlene Tarpley

A retired Captain in the Silver City Police Department, I hold a Masters In Criminal Justice and Doctorate In Chaplaincy. As a child, I witnessed domestic violence suffered by my Mother. As a Police Officer, I dealt with domestic violence for more than 20 years. Now, as an ordained minister, I continue to be exposed to the violence. Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Elderly Abuse are passions for me, a ministry and a lifetime calling. As long as I am able, I desire to be a Board Member for El Refugio, offer support, raise awareness, inform and educate the public.

Della Acosta

A lifelong resident of Grant County, I am the mother of 3 adult children, have 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. I am a retired Social Worker and Counselor. In my 30-plus year career I had the opportunity to work in helping make a difference through empowering families. Throughout my career I have provided services in child and adult protective service, health education and have also worked in the areas of gerontology, pre-natal program and behavioral health counseling. Under the leadership of Carmel Garcia, I provided pro-bono counseling to domestic violence victims. I served on various boards and proudly serve on the El Refugio, Inc. board because one of my passions has been and continues to be the empowerment of people affected by Domestic Violence.

Kevin Flamm

I have been in Law Enforcement in Grant County N.M. for over 27 years serving the citizens as the Chief of Police in Hurley, Resident Deputy in the Mimbres valley, under cover narcotics investigator, Resident Deputy in the Cliff/Gila area, first line supervisor for the Grant County sheriff's Office, and at this time serving as the Under Sheriff for Grant County. From all of these perspectives I have seen the worst and best in people. Even with all the issues I have dealt with I care about and love all of my fellow human beings. This is what drives me to continue my career in Law Enforcement. I serve on the Board of Directors for El Refugio, Inc. because any violence will progress and when a relationship is involved it becomes Domestic Violence and one way or another we all suffer. The cycle of violence has got to be broken one way or another.

Raul Villanueva

Currently the Grant County Sheriff, I have been a law enforcement officer for the past 22 years. I am married to my beautiful wife Stacey and I have six children and a soon to be grandpa. I serve on the board of directors for El Refugio because I have been around so much domestic violence in my 22 years of law enforcement and I want to make a difference by helping out the victims of domestic violence. Our mission is so crucial to someday making a strong impact on domestic violence. I pray that someday we can put a stop to domestic violence.

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